Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Hurricane Bill Show

Hurricane Bill turned out to be a breeze for Saint John - thankfully.

Saints Rest beach attracted many spectators, none the less. The surf was definitely strong enough to pull a person out into the water. That didn't deter people from tempting fate.

It's amazing what nature can create; what are the chances of wind, water, and tides creating this?:

Art Gallery?

At a recent city council meeting (according to the August 17th agenda) Councillor Snook presented a motion to explore costs associated with a "graffiti management plan", and council members received information on Halifax's anti-graffiti program.

Graffiti can be a big problem. Defacing public and private property, and costs associated with clean-up, are serious considerations. I read recently about a two different approaches to controlling graffiti.

In Calgary this past weekend Urbanburn2 - an outdoor youth and art festival - addressed "artistic expression through vandalism" in a positive way. Artists exhibited their work and explored "non-destructive" means of graffiti. They were taught about public art and community involvement.

Meanwhile, according to a recent CBC article, the City of Calgary has given a "legal zone" to graffiti artists. From the article:
Dawn Ford, with the City of Calgary, said the project carries a positive message. "One of our goals is to visually animate our city and make it much more vibrant, and in a space like Shaw Millennium Park we're looking at targeting the art ... to the community that uses that park," Ford said.
On the other end of the spectrum, the city of Los Angeles is taking a very serious tone regarding graffiti. I read a story in the LA Times that reports the city's Attorney wants to give police the power to arrest taggers who congregate, they don't have to be caught doing anything illegal.

Not surprisingly there are many vocal critics to this proposal, ranging from representatives of civil liberties organizations to law enforcement officials.

How does this relate to the West Side? I am posting pictures of graffiti found on the west side. It is very impressive, and I would consider it to be non-destructive as it is found on an abandoned foundation near the water.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sand Sculpture Contest at New River Beach

I did not attend the sand sculpture contest at New River Beach this weekend, but I drove by the area. I haven't heard how many people attended, but by the number of cars parked on the Saint John side of the entrance, I'd say the event was a success.

St Andrews Visit

I recently was in St. Andrews - it's been a while since I visited there. It was hopping busy. The murals on Water Street are a nice addition.

I had great coffee at Honeybeans Coffee, Tea and Treats, 157 Water Street. It's owned by couple from Alberta who moved to St Andrews last year. The coffee is roasted in Halifax, and the treats are made locally. Check it out.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Zellers Reopening and Lancaster Mall update

Zellers in Lancaster Mall had their official reopening today, after months of renovation. Apparently there were shoppers lined up outside the store at 6:30am. The store looks bright and clean, a great improvement. Can't wait for the parking lot reconstruction to be finished!

Java Moose also opened in Lancaster Mall this week. The new shop is looking good - a nice addition to the mall. They don't yet have the full menu that the other stores have - but hope to offer it soon.

The mall entrance to Zellers will open later this week. The area shown in the photo below will house the SJ Transit Lounge. The mall entrance to Zellers is on the left.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why doesn't the SJ Police Force have a website?

I find it curious that the Saint John Police Force does not have its own website. The municipal web presence for the force is virtually non-exist ant. Many local and regional forces have their own sites, such as: Fredericton, and Rothesay, and larger cities like Halifax have a very comprehensive website with lots of useful information.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kayak Tours from Dominion Park Beach

I dropped by Dominion Park this morning. It was an incredibly balmy day, and the crowd hadn't arrived yet, so it was very peaceful. Go Fundy Events was set up with their kayaks, ready to take out a group on a guided tour. Apparently business is good, and the cruise ship passengers keep the staff busy. They are set up on the beach most days, and I'm thinking about calling to arrange a tour. Their website says:
No previous kayaking or travel experience is necessary- we have all the experience you need!
I can relate to that. Sure looks like fun.

The New Bus Schedules Are Here!!

And they're not easy to find.

McAllister Place info booth has given away their entire supply, and not too many other locations have received them yet. I found some at the magazine store in Lancaster Mall. In any case, it looks like passengers are going to take a while to get used to the changes.