Monday, February 20, 2012

Dangerous Curves

I have often found myself holding my breath on a section of Prince Street anticipating how the road conditions would play out.  The area just below the site of the former DVA hospital, (now an incomplete townhouse development site)  is a downhill curve that rarely sees sunlight (water can't evaporate) and there is a lot of water (or ice) collecting on the street from the un-landscaped site.  It's a very slippery slope and for those who don't take the route regularly it's potentially dangerous.

Couldn't the T-J offer something like this?

for their online edition ... just to sample it?

How does this stuff happen?? While writing this post today the T-J called about my soon-to-expire subscription, and offered me a month of the online edition for 99 cents if I renewed my home delivery.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Seaside Park

It's a shame the stairs at Seaside Park have fallen into a state of such disrepair.  I think this set of stairs was built about 20 years ago using money from the province and municipality.  A combination of vandalism, neglect, and natural erosion of the surrounding area has caused the stairs to basically crumble onto the breach below.  

I can't image we'll see similar funding for similar projects in the near future.

Junked cars at the lower west terminal

This image is "as close-up as I could get" of the remains of junk cars at the port on the west side.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Repurposing Canada Post (boxes)

We've all seen old shipping containers used for various purposes, housing seems to be one most often cited,
but what can we do with old Canada Post mail boxes? It was inevitable that they'd be / will be, phased out.  Can't you just see them dotting rural roads- being used to store garbage instead of old freezers?