Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Golden Mile - Going in Circles

The Golden Mile Corridor Study (Fairville Boulevard) and open house is happening Sept. 6, 5-7pm at the Wilson Street Legion.   I wonder if this event will be the same as the one I attended in May 2009 at the same location. 
Enterprise Saint John, in cooperation with the City of Saint John and the Saint John West Business Association would like to invite you to an Informative Workshop for Residents and the West Saint John Retail Community. Learn More about the Exciting New Retail Developments in West Saint John
This FREE workshop will bring together residents, developers, existing retailers and land owners to learn more about West Saint John’s vibrant, progressive and sustainable retail sector.
Let's see, Lancaster Mall was renovated, as was Zellers,  Zellers closed, Blockbuster Video closed, Coop closed, Walmart is moving in, a top request from that evenings session - a family restaurant- hasn't happened.  Of course the Sobey's Plaza / Canadian Tire area is a great addition...I wonder how long it be for this latest study is shelved then dusted off again.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rectory for lease

Not found on the west side - (Main St., north end) but I had just to post this image; imagine the possibilites here.

Knee slappers from Paolo Cortesi - 1520

Can't see the humour?? Just go to the Saint John Renaissance Faire on Aug 25 at Sheldon's Point Park, Sand Cove Road.

They say change is difficult - even for garbage

Some of the City's solid waste collection routes are changing pick up  days - and on the west side the Fundy Heights area will be affected with pick up happening on Wednesday instead of Friday (beginning September 11). The flyer delivered door to door  to affected households says it's so the City can "balance the number of household units that are collected daily" ... and that staff will have "the ability to maintain efficient use of staff and  resources".

How will we cope ? Should we revert to an autonomous city - say, Lancaster?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


As seen near a daycare in Fundy Heights. Are these considered port-a-potties?

Walmat West - getting closer

Shopping cart caves for Walmart have been installed in the parking lot of Lancaster Mall. Apparently mid September is the anticipated opening date for the store.